U.S. Army Developing Virtual Training Person

US Army developing Virtual

Picture explaination: From the picture, the virtual person has a typicial asian face and body, we are not sure whether it is special design or other purpose. After all, U.S.Army shouldn’t have many Asian face soldiers. This is confusion.)

A virtual role is developed by U.S.A army which can be used as communication, sensing human being feeling and then do corresponsible reaction. By now, the research is very smooth and it can help human being have a effective communication with machine and improving communication skill under the situation of unpredictable and distressing war battlefield.

Their research can also help human being have a better communication with robots and automation devices in future battlefield. Experts from U.S.A armay are cooperating to develop “Flexible multimode humanrobot dialogue” system, by using the system, human and robots can effectively communication with natural language (and artificial languages), text, pictures and video communication.

Experts are developing an interactive virtual human characters which can be used as guider or other roles and teach soldiers leader ability and how to work as a staff.

Doctor Laurel Allender, the charger of US Army Human Being Research Lab and Engineering Department, said that the research purpose is to use realistic virtual human provides a more engaging training real-time environment.

Doctor Laurel said:”Want our soldiers to have the best talent, research and scientice are also very important. Especially, our current research engaging traning real-time environment is even so, and this system can make army have a better performance and optimize battlefiled performance of soldiers. This improving can be reflected on body and psychology”.

And the job of some interactive visualization virtual person is to help soldiers build leading ability required by battlefield,and others are to teach soldiers how to discuss,how to face the suicide and how to deal with it, and also how to avoid sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

Researchers are currently improving virtual person ability,mainly including talking,understanding,action,appearance and credibility of response speed. If the research gains success, it is not a big step in militarty field, but also it will cause great influence to various of fields.

The current most successful virtual visualization human being Ellie is developed in Institute of innovation and technology, she is also the highest class at present. She can read character, and also distinguish smile, frown,looking shift and other body movement of human being and do responsible reaction. And also a virtual soldier is named as Star Sergeant, he can answer questions from army officers and soldiers. Some people said he can also work as radio operator in analog action which can make people free of regular communication and common data entry operation.

Make Virtual Reality More Radical

Suppose virtual reality has no sense of touching and it must like dream and like  fantasy.Thus, many people and related experts hope VR technology can be more radical to develop, and make developer to make touching holographic projection by sound wave projection. According to the news of New Scientist, Ben Long and his collegues from Britain university are doing the research.

Virtual Reality

They can reach the point by improving ultrasonic 2D projection. Firstly, they use a serial of micro speakers which produce high frequency sound wave to make touching sense and the other aspect, they add leap motion sensors to trace the users’ hand position. By calculating the hand and virtual thing related position, the system can transmit product wave frequency to produce corresponding touching sense at proper time and the pressure is produced by sound wave.

With a more layer experience, no matter it is used to solve the actual life problem or used for entertainment purpose, it can provide big help. For example, doctors can check shape of heart and lung while they are dong CT check. Or the expensive items at museum will become touching sense and will improve a kind of  fancy experience.

Unique Features of Virtual Instrument Monitor System

Virtual instrument monitor system can be repeatedly used with source  code library function for software design, so it has the following unique features:

1. Short developing period and lower cost

2. By updating of computer hardware and software, it can be convenient to improve system monitor ability and level. Technology updating and computer  process can be synchronization

3. Have strong repeatability and configuration. By configuring the existing system to meet request of new monitor and new function adding, and this is suitable for monitoring system of multi-using with one machine.

4. It is easy to connect with other devices. It is technology must to introduce virtual instrument technology and meanwhile,it is objective requirement.


According to technical requirements, the Turbo compressor operation condition online monitoring system should have the following features:
(1) The anti-surge control functions, namely, online monitoring system for continuous monitoring of aero-thermodynamic parameters of the compressor running when monitoring the compressor into the surge condition, issued instructions, open the anti-surge valve;

(2) Reverse current protection function, real-time monitoring of unit and related network of aero-thermodynamic parameters, units the possibility of reverse flow condition of timely forecast and control this signal into the unit’s chain of logic circuits to ensure that the machine itself is not damaged;

(3) Air heat power parameter monitoring and display functions, namely aero-thermodynamic send real-time data collection system of the unit, processed by computer, display units in some way present the position of the operating point, allows the operator to know current running status of unit from the screen;

(4) The machinery condition monitoring and display system, a unit of bearings mechanical parameters such as temperature, vibration,is fed into the computer through data acquisition systems, processed and displayed on the screen in a certain way;

(5) Historical data display and save feature that is stored within the required time period to monitor the thermal parameters of mechanical, pneumatic, and can be called at any time to view and copy the above parameters in order to to study the running status of unit for a specified time period;

(6) Emergency review to record your parameter values for abnormal operation of units, accident analysis to provide an objective basis for the persons concerned.